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Spiritual adoption of children from Don Orione Centre in Kenya

Since 1 January 2008 our Foundation has committed itself to a project - Spiritual Adoption of Children from Don Orione Centre in Kenya. The Sons of Divine Providence run a centre for physically and cerebrally challenged African children in Kenya. Spiritual adoption involves supporting, both financially and spiritually, a particular or an anonymous child. The adoption can be for limited or unlimited period of time. Donations are spent on taking care of the children, on education, medicines, food and service. Further development of the centre is being planned in the nearest future as there are a lot of children in need of professional help and care. Success of the project depends on raising sufficient funds. Our volunteer - Mrs. Jadwiga Lukasik is the project coordinator for Poland.

Mrs.Jadwiga Łukasik
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These and many other children from Don Orione Centre in Kenya are waiting for your help.

More information about Don Orione Centre.

The project started by a Polish missionary in February 2005 is run by The Sons of Divine Providence from England. The centre is situated within Kandara constituency, a poor rural area which is about 60 km from Nairobi and 15 km from Thika. It is intended for children, who due to their disabilities, are in need of special care and rehabilitation. In the centre there are children suffering from cerebral palsy, mentally challenged children and deaf and dumb children.



The main aims of the Don Orione Centre:

  • caring for children with special needs from poor families,
  • sensitizing the local community about care for children with special needs,
  • educating children with special needs about hygiene, basic arithmetic and daily skills,
  • ducating children with special needs in accordance with Catholic faith and moral standards,
  • offering vocational training which includes tailoring and carpentry.

The Don Orione Centre achieves its aims by:

  • feeding programme,
  • teaching children the basic knowledge of taking care of themselves, having self-responsibility and being responsible for other people and getting accustomed with daily skills,
  • organizing sports activities,
  • feeding, washing, rehabilitation, and taking care of children with mental disabilities,
  • vocational training which includes tailoring and carpentry.

The beginnings of the centre were very difficult. About 60 children were registered, but due to lack of transport only 15 attended classes. In December 2005, thanks to generosity of sponsors the centre managed to purchase a Toyota Hiace. The number of children attending the classes automatically increased. The centre employs small but very devoted teaching staff that takes care of the children. A doctor comes once a week and teaches the staff members how to give basic physiotherapy to some children. The staff has dedicated much of their effort, skills and time to welfare of the children, but there is not enough equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The Director of The Don Orione Centre - Fr. Malcolm Dyer would like to build a new permanent centre for the children within the parish church compound. The success of this project depends on generosity of its sponsors.

Urgent needs of the centre include:

  • ensuring sufficient funds for fuelling and maintaining vehicles that provide transport for children,
  • financial assistance for permanent feeding programme,
  • ensuring sufficient funds to cover the staff salaries,
  • obtaining needed equipment, also TV and radio sets,
  • raising funds for purchasing hearing ads and the equipment for physiotherapy such as handrails, steps and couches etc.

A lot of needs have to be fulfilled, but we believe that there is a lot of people of good will that would like to support the project. Each donated zloty contributes to the development of institution that cares about health and dignity of African children.

Make your donations to:

Fundacja Księdza Orione Czyńmy Dobro
ul. Lindleya 12, 02-005 Warszawa
No. 14 1240 1053 1111 0010 4353 6691

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